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About Us

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About MECA Engineering

MECA Engineering has been providing local and national industries with professional engineering, quality design, field investigation, and inspection services for more than 30 years. We are certified Professional Engineers in nine (9) states throughout the Midwest. MECA’s personnel have a thorough understanding of municipal concerns and can provide the multi‐disciplinary engineering services you need, when you need them.

We are committed to delivering expedient, innovative, and competitive solutions for our clients. We proudly serve as an extension of your staff, helping you plan, design, and build modern infrastructure and facilities. Our services include complete facility and installation design, as well as inspection, engineering analysis, project planning, specifications, procurement, estimating, cost control, commissioning, and quality design services.

Why Choose MECA?

As design professionals, we at MECA Engineering believe our success is measured by our clients’ satisfaction with the services we provide. We consider it our responsibility not to only meet routine day-to-day needs, but to anticipate the unforeseen problems, and offer creative solutions to them, as well.

We place our professional expertise, technology and personnel at your disposal to generate cost effective solutions to your problems. We custom design to lower your operating costs, improve your efficiency and increase your capacity.

Our business is meeting your continuing and changing needs with responsive, high quality service. Our commitment to you assures you that MECA Engineering stands behind you with all the support necessary to make a real difference.

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